25th Street Recording is an ideal place to record any type of music. Our studio is built from the ground up to easily accommodate many different types of groups, and our in-house recording team has a wide range of experience recording, producing, mixing and mastering in many different musical styles.

Our staff helps you every step of the way to ensure that you have a great experience while you are here. Our studio can be arranged in many different ways depending on the sound you are trying to capture. We use movable acoustic dividers as well as built-in "iso" rooms to make sure that everyone can see and hear each other as well as possible while they record. We make sure that performers feel like they can perform together like they would in their own home or rehearsal space. 

Our studio is one of the best equipped anywhere in the world. We have an amazing collection of vintage and new microphones, preamps, and outboard equipment. We record high resolution digital with Avid Pro Tools, Logic, or Abelton Live. We are also one of the few studios that can record with a 100% analog workflow. Digital, analog, and everything in between, we can do it all.

We are always open to hosting outside engineers and producers here at 25th Street. Our team can do as much or as little as needed for any client. We always provide a fully-qualified engineer to assist you on every session. If you are an outside engineer that is new to our studio, we make sure that you have time to get to know the room and equipment before your session when possible. We are committed to investing in artists and engineers in our community.


Mixing brings all of the separate elements of a recording together into one finished product.

At 25th Street Recording, we rely on the ears of our engineers, the accuracy of our rooms, and our incredible selection of equalizers, compressors and effects to finish your mixes right the first time. Our API Vision console and ATC surround-sound speaker system gives us ultimate control over our mixes and provides us an extremely accurate environment to listen. We make sure that when you leave the studio your music sounds great everywhere.

Mixing can be done with or without the client present in our studio. We can accept audio tracks from any brand of recording software, and we are happy to assist our clients when preparing for mix sessions. Mixing can take hours or days depending on the needs and scope of the project. Clients sometimes prefer the flexibility of mixing "in the box", while others prefer the sonic possibilities of a full console mix. Either way, we will help you determine the right balance for your project.


Mastering is the final part of the recording process. Mastering is a combination of closely matching the sound of each song, and assembling the finished songs into a final product, ready for manufacturing and distribution. 

We use highly specialized tools to make sure that every song sounds as good as it possibly can. We can bring warmth and size back to many recordings, as well as clean up songs that sound muddy or dull. We can also raise the level of your songs to compete with any other recording of that style and sound.

Once the client is happy with the sound of the mastered songs, we create master discs and we can send files directly to the manufacturer or digital distributor. We also add CD Text, ISRC codes and all of the other information needed by any major label or retailer.

25th Street Recording specializes in all genres of music including Rap, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Acoustic and Folk. We can also transfer recordings from vinyl, 1/4", 1/2" and 2" tape.

You can read more about our mastering services here