Mastering @ 25th Street Recording

Mastering is the final part of the recording process. Mastering is a combination of closely matching the sound of each song, and assembling the finished songs into a final product, ready for manufacturing and distribution. 

We use highly specialized tools to make sure that every song sounds as good as it possibly can. We can bring warmth and size back to many recordings, as well as clean up songs that sound muddy or dull. We can also raise the level of your songs to compete with any other recording of that style and sound.

Once the client is happy with the sound of the mastered songs, we create master discs and we can send files directly to the manufacturer or digital distributor. We also add CD Text, ISRC codes and all of the other information needed by any major label or retailer.

25th Street Recording specializes in all genres of music including Rap, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Acoustic and Folk. We can also transfer recordings from vinyl, 1/4", 1/2" and 2" tape.

Why we are different

  • We don't believe that high-end mastering should cost a lot of money.

  • We work in off hours to keep our prices low.

  • We have the best sounding studio, and the best selection of equipment in the Bay Area.

  • We have mastered hundreds of records in all genres.

  • We master CDs, Vinyl, Cassette and Digital releases.

  • We have an extremely fast turnaround time for most projects.

Pricing for mastering

$80 Per Song*
$600 8-12 Song Album For Digital Delivery
$800 8-12 Song Album For CD+Digital
$150 Vinyl version add-on
$20 Per Revision
$150 Tape baking and transfer (per tape)

No-Risk Test masters are included for the per song rate.

Mastering includes: CD Text and Metadata Embedding, Level Matching, Custom Track Spacing, Loudness Maximizing, EQ, Compression (as needed), Professional, Ready-To-Upload File Exports for Digital and Physical Distribution.

*Songs over 7 minutes are charged an additional per-minute rate of $10