AMOS Equipped

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25th Street Recording is an AMOS(tm)-Equipped Studio

Today's music pushes the sonic envelope. It's loud and in your face. AMOS restores clarity and life back into over-compressed music.  

Music streaming is not equal throughout the world. Low bit-rate audio dominates much of the world of streaming around the world. AMOS restores the quality of bad sounding audio and maximizes every available bit to deliver clear sounding audio every time. AMOS is a suite of patented sound-reviving digital technology. A proprietary audio DSP process that is designed to go at the head-end of any music streaming system - from local sources to use with global music streaming services.

While AMOS works superbly with the highest fidelity sound platforms, that’s not its primary mission. AMOS is designed, first, for the world-wide earbud generation of smart phone streaming music consumers. Its application is most effective inside music streaming systems where the power of AMOS’s unique sound enhancement ability turns the low-quality conventional music streaming services’ “product” into a different and dramatically better sound experience. AMOS sound is emotionally larger, musically richer, sonically more powerful and instantly apparent and attractive to the mass of music streaming consumers at no change in streaming file size or cost. AMOS makes streaming music new again.